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Is it true that Savannah Guthrie is expectant again? Will she be absent in Today’s show?


Savannah Guthrie will have to straighten her record once again because today’s viewers are wondering whether it is true that she has caught another pregnancy. 

A few months ago, that was May 2018; she came out dismissing rumors that she was pregnant. She dismissed the rumors explaining that it was her big dress that made her stomach look unusually more prominent. She joked that she would discard the unappealing clothe by burning never to wear it again.

Well, if it is true that Guthrie is expecting her third child, she has kept it a secret this time around.

Savannah Guthrie together with his husband, Michael Feldman have are blessed with a son and a daughter. The daughter; Vale Guthrie who was born in 2014 and the Son; Charles Max Feldman was born two years later, 2016.

Well, if the couple were to have a third child with the same age difference as the first two, 2018 would have been the most appropriate time. However, timing pregnancy is not an easy thing.

At the time, rumors surfaced that she was expectant; Savannah Guthrie came out saying that it asking a lady if she is pregnant is not appropriate. Not at any circumstance.

She continued to explain that she took insult when people enquired on when she is to give birth. She describes how she felt like getting back to the gym! Today’s show conducted a poll whose results indicated that 80% of the interviewees agreed that it asking a woman whether she is pregnant is inappropriate.

Guthrie has been present in the media through this week and caught the rumors that she was to quit Today Show unexpectedly. The rumor that she is leaving “Today Show” surfaced after Matt Lauer, her former co-host was reported to be trying to get into contact with some of the NBC producers he used to work with the hope of starting a show of his own.

Well, Savannah Guthrie is expected to resume on the morning of Monday the 7/6c in the Today Show hosted by the NBC.


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