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The 30-Minute Arm Workout That Seriously Sculpts


Tank top and sundress season is in full swing, and what feels more liberating than shedding those tired old winter sweaters for breezy and comfortable dresses? Even if you already have an enviable upper body, this 30-minute Tank Top Arms Workout will have your arms feeling like jelly (in a good way).

The routine targets your entire upper body—and it doesn’t skimp on posture, alignment, and form either. In this Grokker video, Sarah Kusch will take you through a variety of unique, low-impact body weight and dumbbell exercises. If you’re looking to shake up your normal exercise routine, or want something to tack on to your cardio regimen, give this workout a try. Everyone can use a fun challenge to take their fitness to new heights. 

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Workout Details: You will need a set of dumbbells for this workout.

3-Minute Warm-Up
24-Minute Workout
3-Minute Cool-Down

Planks with Hand Taps
Hammer Curls
Overhead Triceps Extensions
Curls at Different Arm Angles
Reverse Flys
Straight-Arm Triceps Extensions
Triceps Kick-Backs
Plank Up-Downs


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