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How to Wear Fishnet Tights Like a Celebrity


Much like leggings as pants, fishnet tights get a bad rap. We’ve been conditioned to think of them as cheap or tacky, acceptable only as club-wear or as part of a Halloween costume. Fishnets conjure up many adjectives, but chic? Not really the first to come to mind. Until now.

A handful of celebrities are looking to change that perception (Gwen Stefani has been pioneering it for awhile — she wears them with literally anything). It all boils down to what you pair them with: Opt for a respectable dress, like Sarah Jessica Parker here, and not, say, a crop top and denim cut-offs. And while openwork tights are purely decorative, seeing as how they don’t serve any function other than to add texture, it’s important to understand their nuanced effects: a finer mesh will yield an understated look, an open net will up the drama.


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