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What Happened when She sees her Husband shock her with a Pregnancy News


A popular Texas-based YouTube celebrity couple is up with another vblog that you will like to watch. This will be one of the hilarious pranks where the couple at first switches roles and then finally reveal the good news for the whole family. They are Sam and Nia who have been making some of the most hilarious videos on the YouTube and they entertain people from all over the world.

It depends from person to person, to know what exactly they have to react on. Do you have to get angry if your husband pranks a pregnancy for you or do you have to laugh out loud? In this context, this celebrity couple has made the latest video blog where you will see the husband finding out whether or not her wife is pregnant.

According to the husband, he has received a text a few days back from her wife mentioning that her periods are 2 weeks late. This was just general information to which the husband wishes to find out whether his wife is pregnant and he wants to surprise her in case she is pregnant. Sam knows that Nia does not flush out the urine during the night hours in order to avoid the other kids from waking up. For your information, Sam and Nia have been together since school time and they are happily married with two babies at the moment and there is a possibility that they will have another boy or a girl. So what’s next, Sam has decided to collect a sample when Nia is done with the usage of the washroom. He quietly gets into the washroom early morning and collects the sample to put it in the pregnancy testing device. To his surprise his wife is pregnant and he is confused as to how is he supposed to give this good news to his wife.

The same morning when Nia and their children are eating breakfast, Sam takes the video cameras and starts to act as if he is trying to say something. He finally talks to Nia about pregnancy to which Nia reacts as if Sam is pregnant and says that ‘guys he is ridiculous’ she thought that Sam is doing this for a video blog. No one believes him on this at first. His sweet little kids also correct him and say ‘Only mommies can get pregnant, daddy!’.

Now as soon as Nia figures out his detective work, she gets emotional and starts crying. She finally realizes that the pregnancy test is positive and that she is pregnant with a third baby on the way. She is happy but she also gets a bit upset as she had plans for the baby news. What would you do if your husband plans a pregnancy plan which eventually turns out t be true for you? Will you also not believe him or how are you going to react. Go to their YouTube page and watch the prank right away.


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