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A Definitive List of the Best Camisoles Ever


In middle school, my ideal outfit consisted of low-rise jeans, Adidas shell toes, and not one, but two layered camis in contrasting colors. Nowadays I’m dedicated to straight-leg denim, I’ve swapped my Superstars for Air Maxes, and my camisoles are now made of silk. Not much has changed, and that’s because the camisole is a wardrobe staple. Wear it to work with a blazer, fall asleep in a cotton tank, or hit the town trimmed in lace. We narrowed it down to the 13 best camisoles that meet all your needs, here.Butter Camisole

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The #1 Basic  

Commando, hands down, makes the best simple cami. It’s easy to layer under sheer tops without adding bulk, but FYI they only come in neutral colors. 4-Pack Camisole

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The Bulk Buy

For those who wear camisoles on the daily, do yourself a favor and buy them in bulk. The Racer Top

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Little Black Cami

When going out and dressing in doubt, the easiest outfit is a lace cami and black skinny jeans. My favorite comes from a brand that specializes in them, New York-based Cami NYC. 

Heart Embroidered Cami Top

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That’s So ’90s

Seventh grade me would have loved this top, and [age redacted] me feels the same exact way. Slim Perfect Tank Top

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Secret Support

This cami has a bra on the inside, but by the looks of it you’d never guess it. It doesn’t look nearly as… sculptural as most built-in camis, making it way chicer.  maddox blouse

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Wear It To Work

Tank tops are not always work-appropriate, but the ones from Aritzia are. Their crepe styles are so good they can be worn alone or with a blazer on top.Lace camisole

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The Runway Edition

If your style looks strikingly similar to Paris Fashion Week, Saint Laurent has you covered. Kind of. For the fearless, wear it without a bra like they did on the runway. Chantilly Lace-Trimmed Camisole

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The Bridal Cami

For the non-traditional bride, this camisole is just as dramatic as a ball gown. Alternatively, wear it to your rehearsal dinner with flowing white trousers. Alicia Silk Zebra-Print Cami

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The Wild Card

As we mentioned, we love a lace camisole. Double down on the sultry vibe with an animal print and red leather pants. Airism Camisole

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The Easy Breezy Cami 

Tight, stretchy camisoles can feel restrictive and sweaty. Uniqlo solved that issue with a super lightweight fabric that truly breathes so well even athletes wear them. Long Tank Top


The Longline 

If you prefer more coverage over your derriere, choose a longer camisole like this budget-buy from H&M. Grand Soleil Camisole

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Boudoir Appeal  

We’re not 100% sure whether this is considered lingerie, but it’s so pretty we’d wear it out, too. Thinstincts Convertible Camisole

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The Shapeshifter 

Spanx is a celebrity pick for red carpet appearances, so why not wear one on a Tuesday? Their surprisingly comfortable camisoles will flatter without restriction. 


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